Galaxy on Fire coming to the Switch

Galaxy on Fire coming to the Switch

Today is a good day for fans of the Galaxy on Fire fans, Deep Silver has just announced that their flagship brand is coming to Nintendo Switch with the title Manticore. In a Galaxy of the Neox Sector you are recruited by the mercenary carrier named Manticore. The crew behind them is investigating a special event called “The Shattering” that almost wiped the Sector as we know. As the player faces many enemies and evil companies you go through a story-based campaign with over 30 bosses and 35 locations. Some Key Features are:

  • 8+ hours of storyline with intense sci-fi action gameplay
  • 2+ hours of fully voiced narration in English and Japanese
  • 60FPS framerate in across all play modes: Handheld, Tabletop and TV
  • A handcrafted universe with more than 35 exciting locations
  • Full support of the unique Joy-Con & Switch Pro controllers – with HD rumble

Galaxy on Fire – Manticore is blasting through space straight onto your console on March 22nd 2018.

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