Gambling in 2021

Gambling in 2021

Over the years games have grown from either sitting in a dark and damp room playing roulette in a shady casino or playing pong with a one-button controller, to modern online casinos that have a plethora of games available or our next-gen of consoles that are currently being sold. Spending money has never been easier and this of course also comes with risks. Even in the landscape of thousands of trustworthy sites, you’ll find equally as much, or even more that are out to get your money. For that purpose we have a small guide below as to what you should look for when picking your poison.

Plan ahead

When looking for games you have to pay for, be sure you have a game plan at hand. While this may include many items, the most important factor of them all is to just be prepared and know what you want. It’s useless to browse the web, spending money on loads of different sites, hoping one will suit your needs. For this purpose, there are websites such as Yggdrasil Casino, which reviews trustworthy casino sites, making sure your money is protected, that you have fair odds, and so on.

This is not only valid for those wanting to wager a bet on a casino or play a themed slots game. We can also extend this notion of planning ahead for online games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, or even the soon-to-be-released online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion. We discussed in our review that the online mode will include a lot of microtransactions, which makes it feel as if this new mode was designed to earn more money on a game that already comes at a full retail price. We will also soon discuss this in Destruction AllStars, a new PS5 exclusive, that is all about the big money, without actually getting something in return. The aforementioned games such as League of Legends are clear in what they have to offer, where you will get cosmetic items in return for supporting their Free-to-Play format.

Play responsibly

This further adheres to the previous principle, where you’ll have to plan and know what you want. You should also set boundaries and budgets in both scenarios. Do you want to save up for a skin for your favorite character? Or do you want to have several small trinkets to use for different characters. Would you rather play at a high-stakes game? Or just try several different games the casino of your choice has to offer? These are all things to think about, and these will also influence how fun your experience is. Diving into a game, spending a lot of money on something you’re not sure about, might put an end to the fun quite quickly. Setting boundaries might actually make things more fun, and give you a proper ‘better-luck-next-time’ feeling, instead of hopelessly dumping money into your first experience(s).


Even though we could give a 100 more tips on how to play certain games, be it casino games or online pay-to-play games, the above two are the main two items to keep in mind for a fun and healthy experience. If you follow these two small guidelines, you will find yourself having fun for longer periods of time, in several sessions, rather than blow all your money on a whim and never be able to enjoy said games in the future anymore.

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