GAMDIAS AEGIS – Hardware Review
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Developer: GAMDIAS
Publisher: GAMDIAS
Platform: PC
Distributor ITCMM (Belgium)

GAMDIAS AEGIS – Hardware Review

Good: Saves space
Bad: Works with stickers
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It’s been a while since we last had a mouse bungee appear on the site. The CM Storm Skorpion provided to be a fun looking mouse bungee, without any extra features. Today we are able to present you with our opinion of the AEGIS mouse bungee by GAMDIAS, that brings some extra features to the table.


First of all, this ‘bungee’ is actually totally different than most other ones on the market. The AEGIS is actually a small accessory that needs to be attached to the side of your monitor. This will make sure you’re wasting less desk space compared to conventional bungee devices.

Going off on the appearance, the AEGIS is a simple looking bungee, which is actually for the best. The black color will make it seem more natural on the side of your monitor. That being said, the small device shows a decent amount of details when it comes to the ‘carvings’ and the logo’s that are depicted on it. Simple, yet stylish.

As stated before, the AEGIS needs to be attached on the side of the monitor and thus your monitor will come in to contact with the glue on the stickers that serve for attaching the device. Surprisingly when detaching the hardware, the 3M glue leaves (almost) no traces and glue on the stickers still proves to be quite strong to attach it somewhere else. Luckily, there are some extra stickers included in the package in case you swap a lot. The fact that it will not damage your monitor is a well appreciated plus.


Unlike the CM Storm Skorpion, the AEGIS also serves as a 2.0 USB-hub and thus making this device even more useful. This means that if you plug in the device in one of those harder to reach USB-ports on the back of your PC, it creates four USB-ports that are actually easy to reach. (The USB-ports still point towards the back, to create a cleaner appearance.) The cable that comes with the AEGIS is 1.5meters in length.

The third function of the AEGIS is that is also serves as some kind of coat rack for your headset. The device comes with a rotatable arm, that will support your headset. Again a great feature to save some space.

GAMDIAS’ AEGIS is made out of solid plastic, except for the bottom of the design, seeing this is where you’ll have to insert your mouse cable.

Own opinion

Whilst the AEGIS looks quite simple, the details make the device a bit more pleasant to look at. Seeing the device is attached to your monitor, it’s fun that the design features are still there, otherwise it might make your gaming monitor a tad less attractive.

The fact that the AEGIS actually creates more space on your desk, instead of filling it up a bit more is already a great key feature for GAMDIAS’ hardware. You’ll finally have a decent spot for your headset and the extra USB ports certainly come in as a plus as well.



A mouse bungee that saves space, serves as an USB-hub and a ‘headset-rack’, it’s as simple as that. The AEGIS proves to be a great accessory for its price and tends to offer more than most other comparable devices on the market.

For a complete list of specs, click here.

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GAMDIAS AEGIS - Hardware Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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