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Developer: GAMDIAS
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Platform: PC


Good: Comfort, Bass, Vibration
Bad: A bit too bulky
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GAMDIAS, the upcoming brand has already offered us the chance to look at a lot of their gamining mice. These proved to be both great in design and practicality. Now we have the chance to look at their headset, the HEPHEASTUS, in order to see if this piece of hardware is as qualitative as their mice.


Appearance wise the HEPHAESTUS provides us with a lot of details. The white color, mixed with the grey finishing touches provide a simple, yet original mix of ‘colors’. Each of the side panels tends to look a bit like a jet from a fighter jet, making it a tad more badass than most other headsets on the market. As usual the ‘ZEUS’ logo is displayed very clearly on the headset and it is lighted up with LED lighting. Not only the logo lights up but there’s a red lined LED on each of the side panels as well, which again creates an original appearance. The microphone is implemented on the headset itself and cannot be removed but the same grey finishing touches are also on the mic.

When it comes to the overall size, GAMDIAS’ headset finds itself in the range of the bulkier headsets, just like the Y-250, the Kuven and the Sonuz. Whilst being bulky, the overall weight does not become bothersome when using the headset for longer periods of time.

Comfort wise the HEPHAESTUS has plenty of padding to provide for a great amount of comfort. The padding in the ear cups has a leathery finish, as well as the padding on the headband. The grey leathery material blocks out the sound for a decent amount, which lets you focus more on what’s going on in the games you’re playing. Of course, this has to do with personal opinion. As with most headsets, you can adjust the headband to create a more comfortable experience. That being said, the headset proves to be a little less tight than the other bulky headsets that have appeared on the site.


The HEPHAESTUS is pretty much a plug and play USB headset, which makes it easier for the user to get started. It would have been great if both options were available, for those who already use a decent amount of USB devices for their gaming set-up.

GAMDIAS’s HEPHAESTUS is a headset that uses ‘vibration feedback’. This mean that the headset will start to vibrate when there are enough bass sounds, which proves to be fun when listening to your favorite music or when playing some intensive shooter game(s). The feedback gives a more ‘4D’ experience to your gaming or music sessions. A great feature, that more headsets should have. This fun feature, also explains the fact why the headset is a tad bulkier.

You’ll be presented with a quite solid looking microphone piece, with a fairly short ‘arm’. This arm proves to be flexible in the middle, which allows you to bend it. Sadly, the microphone cannot be removed from the side panel but it can be set upright, so it will not bother you.

The control mechanism on the cable proves to be quite simple to use and only provides three functions. You can switch your microphone on or off, you can adjust the vibration feedback levels and you’re able to arrange the volume settings.

Just like the design and the comfort, the sound quality proves to be top notch. The bass truly stands out and the overall sound is crystal clear.


As with GAMDIAS’ gaming mice, the headset uses the normal HERA software, which instantly detects your headset. The software itself proves to be straight forward and also offers some fun and silly features. You can adjust your voice to sound differently. For example you can enable the ‘magic voice function’ to sound like a monster or give yourself a high pitched voice. You can also do this with the people you’re calling with. The other settings, such as bass and so on, are also very straightforward.

Own opinion

It was immediately clear that the HEPHAESTUS was an item that the developers put a lot of effort in to making it look good. The details prove to be great extras and provide you with something that looks good and is still affordable. That being said, the headset looks really bulky when you have it on. This has to do with the fact that ear pads are quite thick, together with the thick side panels, it looks a lot bigger than you’d expect it to. In the end, this is all a matter of personal preference but a lot of headsets on the market are also aiming for a more bulkier look. This makes the HEPHAESTUS fit right in.

As for comfort the headset proved to be a tad heavier than most but really fun to use. The creators provided the right amount of padding and the leathery finish makes the padding extra soft. The fact that the headset grips your head a tad less tight than a lot of other headsets, might be fun for those who don’t like a too tight headset.


GAMDIAS again delivers us a great looking piece of hardware. The bulkiness is backed up with quality and a comfortable feeling. You’ll be able to enjoy a vibration feedback that adds an extra dimension to your gaming sessions and all of this for a very affordable price. Definitely worth looking into if you’re considering buying a new headset.

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Rating: 9.7/10 (11 votes cast)
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GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS - Hardware Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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