GAMDIAS ZEUS (GMS1100) – Hardware Review
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Developer: GAMDIAS
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Platform: PC

GAMDIAS ZEUS (GMS1100) – Hardware Review

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Last week we had the chance to try out the GAMDIAS HADES GMS7011 which turned out to be a great gaming mouse with some great additions and tweaks. Today we are able to present you our opinion of the GAMDIAS ZEUS, a gaming mouse that seems to have even more in store for us.




Normally we never do this, but the package of the GAMDIAS ZEUS is worth mentioning. The box may look fairly simple on the outside, but when removing the cover, the inside box looks a bit like a trophy display. It’s nothing major, but it deserves an honorable mention.

Appearance wise the ZEUS model opts for a more curved look like most professional gaming mice. The base is a tad higher than the CM STORM Sentinel Advance II which might give you the feeling of using your normal PC mouse but with lots of extra features that increase user comfort. Like the HADES model the ZEUS has side panels, but unlike its counterpart these cannot be removed.

The side panels on the ZEUS can be slightly adjusted by rotating gears at the bottom of the mouse. With this you can widen the mouse a bit to create your own personal set up. These side panels also open up the ‘body’ of the mouse, which creates a totally different look compared to other mice on the market. Also the gaps have been left large enough for you to be able to clean the mouse properly.

Again the mouse has a lit up mouse wheel and the GAMDIAS logo on the back. The ZEUS model however has an extra LED on the side to show you which of the dpi profile you stored on the mouse is currently active.

One of the key features of the ZEUS are the eleven customizable keys. This mice will not only be good for games such as shooters, but it will provide great possibilities for (MMO)RPG games as well. All buttons are easy accessible except for the bottom one on the top of the mouse and for those who have bigger hands the last one on the side will be harder to reach as well.


Like the HADES, the ZEUS model is able to store five profiles, each with five different dpi settings. These dpi settings once again vary from 400 to 8200 dpi. You can change the luminance of the mouse wheel which corresponds with the selected profile. The LED on the side can be changed per dpi setting, meaning you can have five different luminance settings for this LED, per profile.

Software and mouse cooperate again in a fashion that will suit beginners and more advanced games alike. You’ll be able to customize your profiles, luminance, add macros, timers, sound settings and track the usage of the mouse in general.

All of these settings point themselves out, only the macros will need some experimenting before getting it right.

Own opinion

The curved design with the higher base of the mice adds a bit of extra comfort when handling the mouse for longer gaming session. The addition of being able to customize the width of the mouse only adds up to the overall comfort.

Having eleven buttons to work with takes some time getting use to. We are used of doing most of the ‘extra’ actions with our keyboards that it takes some practice to actually your mouse to use some. The extra buttons provide you with being able to respond to certain actions quicker. If not they can also give you the option to assign specific functions to them, which were perhaps hard to reach with the keyboard. Most of the keys were easy to reach and never interfered with the overall comfort feeling the mouse provides.


GAMDIAS does their best to create a flow between hardware and software and this only causes you to get more value for your money. You’ll have loads of options that are easy to use and easy to change when needed to. The software for all of the different mice are the same and the program works perfectly fine for all of them, seeing it changes its interface for each of the different products. This shows that the designers thought things through and that you do not need to switch between different programs to be able to manage all of your products.


The GAMDIAS ZEUS earns itself the title of being the ‘bigger brother’ of the HADES model. Not only does the mouse succeed in providing great comfort, it also adds loads of features to create a great gaming experience. With the price still in a moderate class, the ZEUS might become the mightiest after all.

Note: click here for a full list of specs.
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GAMDIAS ZEUS (GMS1100) - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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