Game developed to treat amblyopia

Game developed to treat amblyopia

Before jumping into this post, you might want to know what amblyopia is. Amblyopia is also called “lazy eye”s and is a disorder if sight, it involves decreased vision in an eye that otherwise appears to be normal.

To treat this disorder Amblyotech and Ubisoft have been developing a game called Dig Rush. This is the very first videogame which is based on a patented method, which is exclusively used to treat amblyopia.

Dig Rush

Instead of only training the “lazy eye”, the game stimulates the usage of both eyes. The brain is being trained and the visual sharpness of the patient is being improved by making use of different contrasts.

Amblyotech is using patented inventions who are developed at the McGill University. Ubisoft is responsible for the gameplay principles.



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