Game Over #15 Very Bad Trip – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Midam, Patelin
Illustrations: Midam, Adam
Coloring: Angèle
Publisher: Ballon

Game Over #15 Very Bad Trip – Comic Book Review

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Good: Theme that involves the princess in nearly every gag
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A very bad trip can be one of two things, namely a vacation gone wrong, where you haven’t had any luck, or having to go through a ‘bad trip’ when you’re drugged out of your mind. Luckily we won’t be discussing one of those two in the following review, as we just received a new issue of Game Over, which revolves around the most unlucky game character in the history of mankind, with an equally unfortunate princess that just keeps getting kidnapped. We were wondering how our hero would lose his life in this album – over and over again.

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Of course, just like the previous albums, we aren’t treated to a grand story in this fifteenth issue, but we get treated to one paged gags. In this issue however a certain theme was rather noticeable, one which involved the princess in nearly every gag, and one that revolved around many misunderstandings involving said damsel in distress, often costing the life of our beloved unfortunate hero. We also noticed that some of the gags are a bit more adult than others, safe for the violence that returns every album. This time, the topic of love seems to be more present, as well as some other more adult puns which can be found in this issue.

Things remain rather predictable from start to finish, but you’ll still enjoy plowing through this album if you loved the previous issues. As this comic book is pretty much void of text, safe for a few sounds the monsters make, you’ll read through this issue in about fifteen minutes, making this a short but relaxing read.

Nothing has changed illustration wise. Midam and Adam create fairly simple, yet likeable gags, which have a fairly monotone color palette, and focus heavily on the characters and their fates. The latter makes way for a lot of background materials, thus many pictures may feel a bit on the ‘empty’ side, but you’ll be focusing on the ‘action’ anyway.


Game Over #15 Very Bad Trip doesn’t really add anything new to the series, safe for the theme they were going for this time. It was fun to see the hero paired up with the princess in nearly every gag, which was a welcome change of pace, but overall you can rely on the same good old fashioned one paged gags. If you like the previous issues, this one will be right up your alley.

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Game Over #15 Very Bad Trip - Comic Book Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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