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We’ve entered the last quarter of the year 2014 and the time has come for some convention news. This weekend, we had the chance to attend the first edition of GameForce. The site of GameForce revealed a lot of the possible activities and it was very clear when we arrived: this event is meant for gamers.

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The organisation had foreseen two halls for the visitors with games and game-related accessories for you to enjoy. As stated before, this event is meant for gamers: you had the chance to test several games or find some new hardware for your computer. For example, you had the opportunity to play Destiny on the PS4 and receive a cool skin for your own PS4. Nintendo was on the scene as well with Super Smash Bros., Captain Toad and other games. The retro gamers were served as well, since there were quite some retro games to enjoy. If you like indie games, you had the chance to meet some indie developers! As for the accessories, Cooler Master, Intel and other providers were present with some discounts. It has to be said though, the games you could test were mostly games that were already available or demos that you could already download. This was quite a downer, since you might expect to find some new, not yet released games.
It wasn’t only games that you could find on the scene. There were three shops with game-related goodies and there were food stands outside to fill the bellies of the attendants. The organisation also hired some DJs so you could chill and relax at the bars with some tunes.

The location wasn’t bad but wasn’t very ideal as well. The parking lot was more of a beach and the acoustics in the halls were terrible. Combined with the loud sounds, it was a pain to hear one another and it was a miracle if you didn’t get a headache. Next to that, it was way too hot in there and there wasn’t any way to cool it off a bit. The halls were very roomy though and there was enough place to walk around because there weren’t that many stands.

gameforce 5

GameForce made an app with a map of the convention and they implemented the possibility to search where which developer or shop was located. They’ve added a small game as well to keep the visitors busy in the waiting line. This takes us to the next remark. There were huge waiting lines and since there was enough room, it might have been better that there were other possibilities to do as well. Another remark is that it might’ve been better if there were more shops or if the shops would’ve offered other items because there were quite some similarities. Not everyone is interested in testing games so it would have been nice if there was a bit more diversity.

This first edition was a nice shot but there are some minor remarks. We truly hope that there will be a next and improved event!

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