GameLoading: Rise of the Indies coming in March 2015

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies coming in March 2015

As a gamer, you are on the consumer-end of the gaming industry. For the majority of time, you will be playing finished products. Once in a while, you will be blessed with a beta invite, playing a product that is not yet finished. All of this is mostly done with higher-end games and the indie games, while gaining popularity, are still rather unknown to most. As of lately, indie developers are being put in the spotlight via the means of documentaries. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is one of those documentaries that features insights of the independent game developers.

The documentary features interviews with several fan-favorite indie developers such as Lucas Pope from Papers, Please and Mike Bithell, the creator of Thomas Was Alone. Of course, there are dozens more names such as Davey Wreden from The Stanley Parable and Rami Ismail from Vlambeer and even Alexander Bruce, the developer of Antichamber. This is just a small portion of the indie game developers which you will see in GameLoading. Not only will the film feature interviews of previous mentioned developers, it will also feature the processes of which studios go through when creating a game.

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies will be releasing early 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray and HD digital downloads. If you want to ensure to receive a copy and some possible other bonus goodies, you can pledge towards their KickStarter campaign that has gone live not too long ago.

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