Gameplay video for Together: Amna & Saif released

Gameplay video for Together: Amna & Saif released

Together: Amna & Saif is a co-op only adventurous puzzle game currently in development by Utah based indie game developer Mount Olympus Games. As mother and son, you will venture through a mysterious forest, hoping to find a cure that will save a loved one that has fallen ill.

As Together: Amna & Saif is a co-op only game, none of the levels can be completed on your own. The goal of the game is to strengthen relationships with family and friends via the means of a visually breathtaking game. You will need to discuss tactics with your partner and successfully solve the puzzle in order to move on to the next. By removing the player’s need of competition and player-specific special abilities, the game is accessible for any gamer and non-gamer. As the game is non-violent, you can even play it with your kids or they crack their brains with their favorite nieces and cousins.

With six days left to go on their kickstarter campaign, Together has been funded already. The game will initially be released for PC with ports to Mac and Linux to be announced at a later date, or when the kickstarter project has reached these stretch goals. A release date has yet to be announced.

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