Gaming on the go

Gaming on the go

Many of us will still remember the days that Nintendo’s Game Boy and Sega’s Game Gear reigned supreme over the landscape of ‘mobile’ gaming. While one had to made do with very simplistic visuals, the other battled its own system with its extremely short battery lifespan. These devices were purposely brought to life for the purpose of gaming on the go, but nowadays it seems that mobile gaming, and finding games on every possible platform, is easier than ever.

Gaming itself has also broadened its spectrum over the last decade, not only being something for kids anymore. In the past it was frowned upon when adults also entertained themselves with a handheld gaming device, a console or by setting up a proper gaming PC. Now, things vary between games for children, games for everyone, casual mobile games, and even for those liking a risk, you even have things like a dedicated betting app. There’s more than enough choice should you choose to entertain yourself on the go. Nintendo’s Switch is probably the current biggest stakeholder in terms of console mobile gaming, with its expansive library of IPs that are now being used for its hybrid console. We see a massive influx of games being ported to the Switch, such as the recent Air Missions – Hind, simply to allure gamers that don’t have the time to sit down in front of their TV or PC to do some proper gaming. This way they can play actual AAA titles during their commute, breaks or even when waiting for appointments.

If you do like gaming at home, it is getting easier and easier to find your pick of the litter, as even fairly uncommon OS platforms are getting more and more dedicated support for gaming. Even Linux is getting some love via Valve’s Steam or even GOG. These platforms allow the user to play their games in Linux without any hassle to run special programs to fool your PC they are being played in Windows. Of course, Apple’s unique OS is also getting more and more love when it’s about their desktop devices. The mobile games are a bit less convoluted than Android’s library of games, but hardly anything comes free on Apple’s devices. It’s basically a pick-and-choose kind of formula that you either love or hate.

To once again mention Nintendo’s Switch, we even see fairly intensive and competitive games being ported to the Switch, such as Hi-Rez Studios’ SMITE and their newest release Rogue Company. These games are often deemed PC titles, or in a lesser extent for the ‘heavier’ consoles. It’s quite surprising seeing Nintendo partake in this landscape now, especially in a mobile form. Quite recently Blizzard’s Overwatch also made the cut to become a mobile title.

To cut things short, gaming is becoming a universal form of entertainment that can be done basically everywhere. It all boils down to a matter of taste, where one picks to play in the comfort of their home, and other like to do mobile gaming. One prefers casual games, others choose competitive games, or even games where you can place a bet. If everything is done in moderation, and it makes you feel good, you should pick whatever you prefer and don’t mind that single person frowning upon your gaming habits.

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