Gasmoxia Grand Prix starts this week in Crash Team Racing

Gasmoxia Grand Prix starts this week in Crash Team Racing

Because Nitros Oxide has lost interest in Earth, he has challenged Crash and his team for a last epic race on his home planet in the Gasmoxia Grand Prix. In this event, you can challenge other players on a brand new track where two fast-food corporations, Nuclear Pizza and Toxic Burger are fighting for domination over the planet. This event will add new karts, a new character, and a new track for a lot of new racing adventures.

The new Grand Prix season will start tomorrow. After this launch, the game will now feature over 8 Grand Prix seasons, 40 racetracks, 12 Battle Arenas and over 50 playable characters. This addition will also add more challenges in Time Trials.

The new character, Emperor Velo, can be unlocked in the Nitro Gauge. The three new unlockable vehicles are the Void Manta, Velo Chopper, and Galactic Cruiser. If you manage to reach the top 5% of the Grand Prix when the season ends, you will get the Champion Cart in the colors of Gasmoxia.

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