Gattaca (1997) (4K UHD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Andrew Niccol
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Duration: 106 minutes

Gattaca (1997) (4K UHD) – Movie Review

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment presents us with another remastered blast from the past, namely Gattaca. This 1997 slow-burn sci-fi drama captivated audiences all around the world, even with its somewhat lower box office success. The movie showed us a world where genetically modified humans would eventually become the new elite, and normally conceived and unmodified human beings would serve as second-class citizens. Gattaca is a pleasant slow-burn story of an ‘in-valid‘ trying to become valid and achieve his dreams. We were quite happy to see this nearly 25-year-old film get some much-needed extra attention.

In an undefined future, we are seeing a division amongst mankind when it comes to their overall genetic qualities. Those who are born without any eugenics involved are deemed in-valid, as they have more violent tendencies, more health problems, and so on. Those who have been genetically modified before birth are considered valid, as they can achieve a lot more than imperfect humans born the traditional way. This brings us to the story of Vincent (Ethan Hawke), who was the product of a loving relationship, but sadly ends up with a lot of health issues. His parents then decide to have a genetically modified second son, who will have a better life. Vincent, however, is still aiming for the stars (literally) and doesn’t give up when it comes to achieving his dreams. Sadly, this world starts to discriminate against those with imperfections, and he ends up as a cleaner. When he finds a way to pose as an actual valid, he does whatever it takes to accomplish his goals.

As a release for a 4K UHD version, we must say that Gattaca is a perfect choice for the format. The atmosphere-building experience that is this movie is one that can still be enjoyed by a varied audience all around the globe. This piece that focuses on eugenics is still interesting to this day, as it gives you a lot to think about and perhaps even appreciate those around you that suffer from certain conditions. It also shows that those who are less fortunate in terms of health may also strive for bigger things, as they are sometimes functioning on borrowed time. Even nearly twenty-five years after its initial release, the story behind this film is still amazing.

We were quite sad when we saw the special features section of the 4K UHD release, as it only contains the theatrical trailer. The earlier DVD versions included several deleted or alternate scenes, and we had hoped to see them on this release as well. While they may be the ‘definitive’ edition in terms of quality, we expected a bit more meat on its bones in terms of extras.


Gattaca is still very much a piece that incites food for thought for many. Would we still be the same if we were modified before birth? Or do certain ‘defects’ inspire us more to become the best versions of ourselves? While some technology in the film may look a bit ‘dated’ by today’s standards, this is still a very relevant film that could easily be watched by anyone. In the mood for a philosophical evening? Then this one is certainly a nice addition to your 4K UHD collection. Those looking for an adventurous sci-fi story will be disappointed though.

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Gattaca (1997) (4K UHD) - Movie Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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