GAZZLERS: Frantic Locomotive is coming at you with full steam ahead in VR next year

GAZZLERS: Frantic Locomotive is coming at you with full steam ahead in VR next year

2022 is getting off the rails! Belgian VR and AR specialists Banzai Studios is taking their frantic roguelite VR shooter GAZZLERS: Frantic Locomotive onto Quest and PC VR. Harness an arsenal of weapons as you defend a Western-style steam locomotive against waves of charismatic and chaotic creatures known as Gazzlers.

In GAZZLERS, you can journey across the arid landscapes of Ginkgo while shooting through thousands of critters to safely escort your awesome steam locomotive called ‘The Motherlode’. Each run will be randomized for a unique experience. That, with dozens of weapons, items, upgrades, and modifiers added in and you have a VR shooter that keeps pulling you back for one more go.

GAZZLERS features cooperative play with up to four other VR players. Successful runs also unlock further customization for your character for you to show off their sharpshooting skills.


  • Roguelite VR mayhem rewards players with unique experiences each run with an arsenal of explosive weapons and random upgrades.
  • Waves of wild and wacky critters besieging players aboard an armored train as it hurtles through an ancient and lore-filled world.
  • Team up with up to three friends and take on hordes of Gazzlers.
  • Unlock cosmetics by completing challenges to customize your Pilgrim and show off your hard-earned rewards.

GAZZLERS: Frantic Locomotive is pulling up at the station on Early Access on Steam in 2022 with plans for Oculus and PlayStation releases in 2023.

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