Gear 5 Operation 2: Free for All available now for everyone

Gear 5 Operation 2: Free for All available now for everyone

All the players of Gears 5 will be happy to receive a new and free upgrade for their game. The content of this package can be unlocked by either playing the Tour of Duty, or by forking over some cash to buy the bundle. When sponsoring the developers you instantly get the four characters, Eclipse-weapon set, 1000 iron and a 30-day boost. If you rather play to earn it all, you can on five new cards, two maps, and three new game types. Also, a new Versus-season is released for those who like being competitive.

Key features include:

  • Free for All: makes its return as the most beloved game type in the Gears franchise
  • Arcade Blitz: is a lightning-fast arcade domination like the type where you must stay in a circle in order to score points.
  • 2v2 Gnashers: two duos must work together to both attack the enemy and defend your comrade
  • Allfathers’ Arena map: fight in an old amphitheater in honors of COG
  • Lift map: a new map that is mixed from the old Lift and Lift Apex designs.
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