Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition – Review
Follow Genre: Racing, Arcade, Sim
Developer: Eden Games
Publisher: Microïds
Platform: Switch
Tested on: Switch

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition – Review

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At the end of 2018, we were able to take a look at Gear.Club Unlimited 2, which was released quite quickly after the first game. We concluded that the second iteration was pretty much a copy-paste of the original and should have either served as a proper DLC package or could have used some extra polishing. Now, yet another year later, Eden Games has added a lot of extra content for the game and they have released the Porsche Edition. This new edition includes a special Porsche championship and all the previous DLC bundles, unlocking a hefty amount of new cars and stickers. We will not be revisiting the entire base game, as this edition can also be bought separately as a DLC package for the standard edition. Those wanting to learn more about the base game can find our review here.

In our original review, we found that the game felt a bit too wonky to be a real realistic driving sim such as Forza for the Xbox One (and PC), or GT for the PlayStation 4. Eden Games, originally called Eden Games Mobile, clearly embedded some mobile elements in the game, which worked a bit restrictive for a game such as Gear.Club Unlimited. You could only store a very limited amount of cars in your garage, the overall gameplay was a bit along the lines of an arcade experience and everything felt a bit rough around the edges. The developers were able to implement licensed cars in their game, which is a quite impressive feat for a fairly unknown developer to accomplish. The overall experience proved to be enjoyable, but the game itself had a fairly high price tag, which couldn’t be justified at the time. Now, the Porsche edition throws in an extra championship and a lot of DLC, for a reduced price. In some stores, the base game actually costs more than the complete package.

In the Porsche edition, you can win yourself three new Porsches, which will certainly look good in your garage. You can win these cars by coming in first place of three different tournaments. If you win, you have bragging rides and flashy new cars for your (limited) garage. Overall this isn’t the lengthiest content, but it does add longer tracks to the game, as the original tracks felt a bit short. Nothing has changed in terms of actual gameplay and controls.

Other than the Porsche tournaments, you’ll receive a lot of extra cars and some sticker packs. The added cars are fun to have, and you’ll also see some special vehicles such as police cars. These add some variety to the otherwise ‘standardized’ vehicles the game already had. It’s certainly fun that you’ll get more than the three aforementioned cars.


Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition is pretty much the same experience as the base game, albeit with a lot of added content. While most of the content is simply an addition of cars, the extra tournaments with the ability to actually win cars at the end are an entertaining inclusion. If you liked the original, you’ll certainly like this one as well. We still believe the game could use a lot of polishing, but perhaps, if the developers take a bit longer to create a third installment, we’ll get a true simulation experience.

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Rating: 3.5/10 (4 votes cast)
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Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition – Review, 3.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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