Gemini (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Aaron Katz
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Duration: 89 minutes

Gemini (DVD) – Movie Review

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Good: Zoë Kravitz her charm does wonders in her role as Heather
Bad: Lola Kirke wasn't the best fit for the role of Jill
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An atrocious crime tests the complexity of a bond between a personal assistant and her Hollywood Sweetheart boss. When The personal assistant needs to take matters into her own hands, she will be tested in her faith in friendship and the truth. This American action thriller will start off like a rocket, gets you through a bumpy ride in the middle, just to end off leaving us with mixed feelings. 

The opening scene of the movie already kicks off with a threatening phone call, received by Jill (Lola Kirke) the personal assistant, from the ex-boyfriend of the Hollywood Sweetheart Heather (Zoё Kravitz). After she starts this topic with a certain coolness towards Heather, Heather doesn’t seem to be affected by it and is rather pre occupied with her decision of bailing out on her next movie assignment. Bringing the news to the people Heather works with will be Jill’s job, so Jill leaves to go to the restaurant where she encounters a few more threats against Heather.

At the restaurant, Heather pops up again and there is a bit of a wacko fan, Sierra (Jessica Parker Kennedy), who recognizes her and is somewhat pushy for some attention of Heather. When they leave to a club, you get a glimpse of Heather, whom is exploring her sexuality with a girl named Tracy (Greta Lee). Heather wants to take it to the next level and arranges a date in Tracy’s cabin for the weekend.

When Tracy and Heather part ways, Jill needs to take care of Heather but is already too drunk to drive. Heather takes the wheel and asks if she could borrow Jill’s gun. Explaining that her life is pretty crazy at the moment and she is more scared than she has ever been before. Ultimately Jill agrees and gives Heather the gun and sleeps over at her place.

The next morning, Jill wakes up early and decides to check the gun. Accidentally she shoots it and ends up breaking the coin case of Heather’s ex-boyfriend Devin (Reeve Carney). After apologizing to Heather for breaking the coin case, she leaves for errands she has to take care off. When Jill arrives back at the house, she finds the body of Heather on the floor. With her prints on the gun, she becomes the main suspect and has to figure out who actually killed her, before her time as a free woman runs out.

The flow of Gemini is somewhat wacky, first, you get a lot of threats coming Heather’s way, after she ends up in a club and explores the mouth of another girl. After that Heather sleeps at home with Jill and one of the next things you see is the body of Heather, lying on the floor. This all happens in the blink of an eye. The rest of the movie passes very slowly and a bit bumpy.

Acting is not as easy as it seems and Zoё Kravitz succeeds in letting us feel sorry for the wealthy brat she is playing. We actually can imagine how hard her life must have been. The total opposite happened with the performance of Lola Kirke, her acting is still amazing, but she just couldn’t convince us with the way she handled her role as Jill taking on the investigation by herself. The supporting roles played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, Reeve Carney and Greta Lee are the perfect fit for this movie.

The DVD edition of Gemini comes with no special features at all. While this movie stands perfectly on its own, it’s still a shame that a physical copy does not have any extra features. Then again, we would have to make do with deleted scenes, a gag reel, or something akin to that, which would eventually not contribute to the bigger picture. Simply put, it’s fairly understandable that this movie has no featurettes on disc.


It is not easy to surprise us with some inventive elements and they surely did with resolving the investigation throughout the media instead of the inexperienced investigator. Although we are not sure if this is the reason the film lacks some action in certain areas. Also, the two acting parts of Lola Kirke and Zoë Kravitz couldn’t be more different, one totally rocked her character while the other lacked some spice. Overall Gemini had some ups and downs in it, which made it just another mediocre experience.

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Rating: 4.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Gemini (DVD) - Movie Review, 4.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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