Generation Zero is available now for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4!

Generation Zero is available now for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4!

Today, Avalanche Studios launched their open-world action game Generation Zero and it’s now available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4!

“Every game we release is equally important for us, but the launch of Generation Zero is exciting as it’s the start of a new action franchise that we will evolve in close collaboration with our players over the coming years. We have a great history of building action-packed open world games together with tier one publishers, but this is the first action game we release within our self-publishing organization,” says Pim Holfve, CEO of Avalanche Studios.

Welcome to 1980’s Sweden where the locals have disappeared and hostile machines have taken over. From today on, you can explore an open world where you unravel the mystery of what happened and get ready to fight back. Try to work in groups of 4, since you’re up against powerful machines! Do you want to journey on your own? Okay, go give it a try as well!

”The team is thrilled to finally get Generation Zero into the hands of players around the world and start receiving impressions and feedback,” says Paul Keslin, Product Owner at Avalanche Studios. “We’re looking forward to sharing more about our plans for what lies ahead, but more importantly we want to shape those plans together with the community. This collaboration will impact the world of Generation Zero in the months and years ahead!”

Generation Zero Standard, Digital and Collector’s Edition

Generation Zero is available in physical and digital standard editions and will set you back 34.99USD/34.99EUR/29.99GBP for PC and 39.99USD/39.99EUR/34.99GBP for consoles. If you’re a big fan, there is also a Collector’s Edition available for 69.99USD/69.99EUR/64.99GBP. The latter contains the game, an original game t-shirt, 4 Concept Art Postcards, an A3 Cloth Map and a Steelbook game case, all packaged in a Premium Box.


  • 1980’s Nostalgia Combined with Cutting Edge Visuals: Explore a vast open world supported by Apex engine. Just like in real life there is a full day and night cycle and the weather can get unpredictable! You’ll also encounter vastly complex AI behavior, simulator ballistic. All this accompanied by a wonderful fitting soundtrack and realistic acoustics.
  • Get Ready. Then Fight Back. Just like you, your enemies have a purpose. You’ll have to use several skills and of course your brains if you want to lure, cripple and defeat them. Damage dealt to enemies is always permanent, so if you meet them again they’ll already be wounded, no matter how long it’s been.
  • 1-4 Player Seamless Multiplayer. Whether you play alone or with up to three of your friends, you’ll have to try and level the playing field. You either set traps and scavenge for weapons on your own of you can team up and combine your skills. If you play with friends, you’ll be able to revive each other and share loots.

Watch the launch trailer below.

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