Get eaten alive or Run Like Hell on the PS Vita

Get eaten alive or Run Like Hell on the PS Vita

No, we’re not announcing another zombie game. This concept in Run Like Hell is slightly different in fact. In this newest side-scrolling arcade platformer game from Mass Creation you are stranded on a seemingly uninhabited tropical island. However, the island isn’t as uninhabited as you originally thought. Soon enough you find yourself being chased down by cannibals, lusting for fresh meat that is you. All you can do to survive is Run Like Hell through the tropical jungle.

The game features a storymode, an arcade mode and an online mode that comes with two modes: versus and challenge modes. Furthermore you can unlock new characters such as a ninja or a zombie while completing fifty challenging objectives in the procedurally generated levels.

Run Like Hell will be available on the PS Vita. Europe, Australia and New Zealand can get their hands on the fast paced arcade runner as of September 16th while Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Cile, Peru and even Colombia have to wait for this thrilling title till September 17th.

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