Get foamy with FOAMSTARS, now available for PlayStation Plus!

Get foamy with FOAMSTARS, now available for PlayStation Plus!

SQUARE ENIX just released FOAMSTARS, a brand-new online 4v4 foam party shooter, as an exclusive for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5! The game is released as the PlayStation Plus game for the rest of this month, meaning that every single PlayStation Plus member can pick up the game for free until March 4. So you can load it up in your cart, install the game, and get yourself ready to play. Players who reel in their copy of this game, before March 4, get to keep everything they have and keep on playing, as long as they remain a member on PlayStation Plus.

FOAMSTARS is a lively, over-the-top shooter and combines the bubbly atmosphere of a party with the excitement of a fight. Players will be dropped in the colorful city of Bath Vegas, where they can use foam to attack, build stuff, and defend. FOAMSTARS is made to deliver a competitive experience for everyone and offers the combination of PVP and PVE modes to a maximum of 8 players, as well as 4v4.

FOAMSTARS starts with season 1 called “Starry Pop”, a festive season filled to the brim with pure fun and content including the following events:

  • Ranked Party: Climb the ranks of the FOAMSTARS by participating 2 temporary season events: the solo experience Ranked Party Lonestar, and the team event Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe
  • Extreme Party: Challenge players in 2 special themed modes. In “All Mel T Party” everyone gets to play as Mel T, whilst being invisible. The first team to score 10 Chills, wins
  • Happy FriYAY Party: A weekend-only-party event without winners or losers, but you get the chance to try out the next season of FOAMSTARS, Coiff Guy

FOAMSTARS will receive free updates when it comes to the season’s theme, for a year. The length of the season will last five weeks and deliver a selection of new characters, maps, events, and cosmetics. Each new season will also contain a Season Pass, which allows players the increase their ranks by earning XP by fights, missions, and challenges. By playing so, players can unlock several rewards. All players will have direct access to the new modes and maps, but unlocking characters will have players completing missions. You can also buy a Premium Season Pass, for €5,99. With this pass, players can unlock Season Pass characters instantaneously and they can earn several season-specific cosmetics.

FOAMSTARS is available from March 5 2024 for purchase at €29,99 via the PlayStation Store and requires a PlayStation Plus membership.

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