Get ready for some office rage in Office Freakout

Get ready for some office rage in Office Freakout

Philbert was a good employee … until he was unfairly fired. Unable to handle this turn of events, he goes rampage and starts a whirlwind of demolishing in the office. Your ex-colleagues certainly don’t like your freakout and start to turn against you as well. Don’t worry, they make it just extra fun. Don’t loiter too long in one place though, as you’re on the clock.

Destroying items will increase your rage meter. When this is full, you get access to some new toys to play around with. Why not take a look yourself? The game has been released today and can be found on Steam.

Key features:

  • Annihilate up to 90% of the environment.
  • Fill your Rage bar based on the trail of destruction you leave behind.
  • Unlock valuable pieces of Golden Poo in every level.
  • Destroy everything in sight with a universal pickup/melee system.
  • Build up your points using a dynamic points calculator based on object mass and velocity.

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Faster than lightning

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