Get rid of unruly patrons in Necrobouncer

Get rid of unruly patrons in Necrobouncer

Ever wondered what a party in hell would be like? Well, no need to wonder any longer. In Necrobouncer you are right in the middle of a dungeon nightclub that is filled with those who want to enjoy some tunes after a long day of work. Of course, those who haven’t gotten beat up at work might need a whooping later in the day as they get way too drunk or do not abide by the rules of the nightclub. This is where you come in, a nameless necromancer that is tasked with keeping the peace.

Necrobouncer is a roguelike that has taken inspiration from titles such as Enter the Gungeon and Binding of Isaac. Players will go to the party all dressed up nicely and will work their way through the never-ending happy hour. In the procedurally generated dungeon crawler players will mix and match a near-infinite amount of items and relics to discover what build works the best for their playstyle. Level up your character and take on many hordes and bosses that roam the dancefloor. Thanks to the Twitch integration followers can support their favorite streamer or undermine their broadcast with some sabotage.

Key features include:

  • A near-infinite pool of relics and their cursed counterparts
  • Hardcore boss battles
  • Unique rooms that demand unique strategies
  • Old-school pixel graphics
  • Tunes that’ll make anyone bop

Grab your weapon and be ready for a whooping as Necrobouncer is now available on Steam.

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