Get special Johto starters through the Pokémon Bank

Get special Johto starters through the Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Bank members rejoice! The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have decided to reward subscribers to the Bank by giving them special versions of three well known Johto Pokémon. Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr will all be level 50 as they are sent to the players’ accounts. Moreover, each of them will have a new Ability.

Meganium will come with Leaf Guard, an ability that protects it against any status conditions whenever the sun is shining. Combined with its battle move Sunny Day, this should prove to be an effective defense mechanism.

Typhlosion can buff its own Fire type attacks with Flash Fire, an ability that boosts both its attack and defense in the Fire department. It has also learned Overheat, Flamethrower and Flame Charge, cranking up the heat all the way to eleven – kudos if you get this reference.

Finally, Feraligatr will pack Sheer Force, disabling any undesirable self-inflicted effects from his own attacks while simultaneously boosting the attack power of said moves.

This trio will be available for all players who use Pokémon Bank between 27 February and 30 November 2015. Be sure to check out the Pokémon Link in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire if you’ve used the Bank in this time period, but be warned: every Bank account can only get each of these three once. Happy collecting!

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