Get your first look at Zoochosis’ gameplay

Get your first look at Zoochosis’ gameplay

Today sees the release of the trailer for Clapperhead’s Zoochosis, a new bodycam horror simulation game set to launch on PC via Steam in Q2 2024. Players will explore the eerie world of Zoochosis, where an unsuspecting zookeeper faces unexpected challenges amidst Australia’s infamous spiders. As night falls, routine tasks take a sinister turn, with once-docile animals transforming into savage mutants driven by a relentless thirst for blood. Navigate the darkness of the zoo, identifying infected animals and crafting cures to contain the contagion before it spreads. Your decisions will shape the outcome of this intense experience, testing your resolve and raising questions of sacrifice.

Key features:

  • Engaging with the animals, managing their care and needs within the enclosures.
  • Investigating the cause of the infection and developing vaccines to administer to afflicted animals.
  • Making impactful decisions that influence your survival and the fate of the creatures in your care.
  • Documenting encounters with a bodycam, adding an extra layer of tension to your exploration.

Zoochosis has already garnered significant attention, with the teaser trailer amassing over 10 million views and accumulating more than 200,000 wishlists on Steam. Zoochosis will launch on PC via Steam in Q2 2024.

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