Get your hoverboard and terraform Mars as Learning Factory launches its first major update TODAY

Get your hoverboard and terraform Mars as Learning Factory launches its first major update TODAY

Developer is happy to announce that the first major update for Learning Factory, its factory automation game with machine learning elements (and lots of cats), is NOW live. In this new update, players will be able to enjoy a new game mode, create their own maps thanks to a new procedural map generator, and enjoy a bunch of quality of life improvements.

Here is an (almost) complete list of the new features:

  • Enjoy a procedural map generator that allows creating unique maps with all kinds of landscapes and options (will you be able to create a factory on a bunch of islands?)
  • Design your dream island thanks to the terraforming tool that allows lifting and relocating pieces of ground, along with growing plants.
  • Play the new Freeplay Mode, which will let you build a factory with no ties to the tutorial.
  • Move faster on your own hoverboard (an unlockable item through research)
  • New character design (cat included!)
  • New machine for production: the Loom
  • New resource: Cloth
  • A factory analytics tool that detects issues with sales and/or production and shows graphs to the players so they can solve them
  • Updated art and animations as well as bug fixes
  • Updated localizations

Learning Factory is a factory automation game where you have to design and build increasingly big and complex factories to make goods for cats. However, it brings a unique twist to the genre thanks to machine learning: you also have to collect feedback from your feline clients and analyze their data with machine learning models until you understand how to really make them happy!

Just like’s previous game, the acclaimed puzzle game about machine learning while True: learn(), Learning Factory is backed by specialists in the subject, and implements real-world machine learning models. If you want to learn more about this key discipline in today’s world, you will get to understand how big data is collected and processed to get useful information out of it. Or you can just focus on making the biggest, quirkiest factories for your cats, of course!

Learning Factory is available on Steam for only €11.99/$14.99. also has started a series of dev diaries and live streams, so be sure to follow them so you don’t miss out on any updates about Learning Factory!

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