Ghostbusters Bundle will appear on July 15.

Ghostbusters Bundle will appear on July 15.

Activision Publishing and Sony Pictures will soon be releasing a packet which includes the brand new Ghostbusters game. This Bundle will appear on the 15th of July on the PlayStation 4 and will be availble on the PlayStation Network. The Bundle consists of:

  • The brand new standalone Ghostbusters game
  • DLC with classic Ghostbusters suits and a bonus ‘trap’ which is based on the movie
  • A Dashboard theme inspired on the game.

The games will take place after the events of the movie, where you’ll follow a bunch of rookies who guard the home base while the real Ghostbusters are out hunting ghosts. Ghostbusters is a third-person action game with a 4 player co-op, you’ll upgrade your character by completing tasks, beating creatures and collecting hidden collectibles. It will release on the 15th of July for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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