Ghostrunner coming to Switch next week.

Ghostrunner coming to Switch next week.

Publishers All In! Games and 505 Games have announced the release of Ghostrunner, their latest first-person cyberpunk parkour action game. This game is developed by One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks and will come to Nintendo Switch on the 10th of November.

In the first month of the release from November 10 to December 10, there’s a special offer available that will grant you one exclusive katana and a special Nintendo Katana. Ghostrunner is designed to take full advantage of the Switch’s unique features for a smooth gaming experience. In this game, you’ll ascend a dystopian tower, run on walls, use an energy-based grappling hook, ride drones, and much more as you progress in the game. By wielding deadly katanas, you’ll deliver some devastating blows to your opponents.

The Console and PC versions have already been released. A launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is expected for 2021. A specific release date will be announced later on. Below, you can check out the launch trailer for Ghostrunner.

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