Gliding is coming to Central Tyria

Gliding is coming to Central Tyria

The first major update of the year for Guild Wars 2 and Heart of Thorns is a fact. Though it’s winter that is celebrated, it looks like the MMO has started to bloom early this year.

The Winter 2016 Update includes:

– Players who have unlocked Gliding in Heart of Thorns, are now able to use it in Central Tyria
– A completely redesigned Shatterer boss fight
– The return of the seasonal Lunar New Year event on January 26
– Start the waterworks and light the fireworks, because Tybalt Leftpaw joins the PvP Mist Champion roster
– Balance Update to Skills and Traits
– Improvements to Fractals of the Mists
– Much, much more

Beyond the update, players can look forward to the next raid wing -Salvation Pass- as well as Living World Season 3.

For more information, make sure to read Colin Johanson’s official blog post.

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