Global collaboration coming up for Darkness Rises

Global collaboration coming up for Darkness Rises

Today, Ubisoft and Nexon have announced that they will be joining forces to bring a brand new global collaboration to the players of Darkness Rising. In this event, players will be able to obtain For Honor character designs, pets, and some special events.

The Darkness Rises X For Honor collaboration will let players fight battles while donning their characters in costumes modeled after the most popular classes in For Honor, including Kensei, Peacekeeper, Nobushi, Hulda, Warden, Raider, and Black Prior. The factions Knights, Vikings, and Samurai will be the basis for the special collaboration pets. You can also purchase various in-game packages that will enhance your gameplay experience featuring collaboration costumes and For Honor Pet Eggs.

This event will run from December 15 until March 16 next year and during this period, you will be able to receive Rank A++ Armor Chests, Rank S Polish Chests, and Rank S For Honor Pet Eggs for completing missions and participating in the events. Also, as you move up in the ranks in the special PvP Brawl event, you can earn Rank S++ For Honor costume chests and even full For Honor outfits if you reach the top rank.

to join in on this event you can just download the game for iOS or Android.

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