Gloria Victis #2 De tol van de nederlaag – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, History
Written by: Juanra Fernández
Illustrations: Mateo Guerrero
Coloring: Javi Montes
Publisher: Le Lombard

Gloria Victis #2 De tol van de nederlaag – Comic Book Review

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Fate has an odd way of teasing people, especially considering that Aelio lost everything due to his father’s chariot racing career, and now he finds himself in the service of a lord, training horses for the same sport. Even though he refuses to follow in his father’s legendary footsteps by racing himself, he does his best to train horses, which in turn keep him close to Fabia, who has stolen his heart but is mistreated by her mistress as she is a lowly slave. This second issue of Gloria Victis might have a bit less fireworks than the first issue, but it seems Aelio’s past is coming to haunt him once more.

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After Aelio was declared a free man once again, he was hired by Horatia’s husband to tend to the horses and train them for the chariot races to come. While he was reluctant at first, he took the chance, especially to stay close to Fabia and is still doing so on this very day. Even though Aelio saved Horatia’s life, her pitch-black heart sees an opportunity to make him her personal boy-toy, at least if he wants to stay close to Fabia. In return for being able to see the slave he has fallen in love with, he will have to warm Horatia’s bed whenever she so desires. That being said, it seems the young man still has bigger fish to fry, as they are about to return to the arena where his father lost his life and where Aelio lost his otherwise bright future.

Meanwhile Victor ‘the crazy’ his son, is also preparing for the upcoming chariot race in the arena, and expects to win like every single time before that. Nonetheless, when he learns that Aelio is involved in the ordeal he is quite eager to get in his way, as he hasn’t forgotten what Aelio’s father had done to his own father.

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Overall this number moves a lot slower than the introduction and in a way it feels as if this issue is more about the bond between Fabia and Aelio, or the difficulties they experience in being able to express their love for one another. While the action might be on the low side, Juanra Fernández does a great job in portraying a real love tragedy, with the necessary ups and downs.

Illustration wise not much has changed, which means Mateo Guerrero does a masterful job in presenting the reader with a good looking story. The somewhat bland colors make everything look a tad older, thus more authentic given the setting. The shades have been done with lines reminiscent of sketches, making everything a tad rougher around the edges, but the issue never loses track of even the smallest details.


Gloria Victis #2 De tol van de nederlaag is a great continuation of the series, albeit at a slightly slower pace and a tad less eventful. It’s clear that this issue was meant to build things up for the coming album(s), and thus the necessary path is being laid out, as well as much required information. We can’t wait to see if Aelio will follow in his father’s footsteps or not, if he does, we hope it doesn’t lead him to the afterlife like it did his dad.

Gloria Victis 2

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Gloria Victis #2 De tol van de nederlaag - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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