Glory Of The Arena Announced for PC!


Pick up your sword and throw yourself into the fray where glory is all that matters! Today marks the announcement of Glory of the Arena. It is an action-packed PvP game where the audience is made out of spectating players or AI who will judge your and your opponent’s battle skills. Winning is not just overthrowing your opponent, one must defeat his opponent with style and skill in order to catch the hearts of the crowd.

You can either taunt your foe and make fun of him as you counter every attack they throw at you or be fierce and relentless, defeating them with just several powerful blows. The choice is yours, but make no mistake! Glory is still name of the game. Different styles of battle require different weapons, from spears to daggers, swords, and shields alike. All are available for the taking. Combo attacks will bring more excitement and thus more points and damage to your opponent. Starting from a small local stadium, from there to battles on ships and even fighting animals, then finally entering the Colosseum itself. Fight your way up from the province to the greatest areas of the Empire and become a living legend. The greater your reputation the more exquisite will the battle and environment be!

As of now the game has been announced to be released only for PC users and will be available on Steam.

Key Features:

  • Online PvP mode. The game was specifically designed with content creators and their audiences in mind. Here, the fun you have as a player is equally as important as the fun your viewers have (or not) while watching you. Are you ready to expose yourself to their judgment?
  • Let your audience decide the result of your fight. Use the Streaming mode to connect with Spectators, or just use AI viewers. Let the audience vote whether you should get more challenging enemies, a powerup, a thumb up, or a thumb down.
  • Fight with style. Choose your avatar, armor, and weapon. Train your skills and unlock the moves. Jump on a horse or switch weapons. Anything to keep the audience happy!
  • It’s all about the viewers. They came to the arena to be entertained, so show them your best moves! Make a ruthless kill or spare a life when they demand it. If the audience is happy with your performance, they will reward you with money and glory. But if the only thing you give them is boredom and you let their expectations down, they’ll punish you with negative votes.
  • Build your gladiator’s career in a single-player campaign. Start as a fighter with no-name against second-rate competitors in dingy provincial arenas. Make sure people slowly start to recognize you. Ensure your fights become more spectacular by riding horses, fighting on ships, and going up against animals. Become a star among gladiators popular enough to finally enter the Colosseum itself and make history.
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