Goat of Duty on Steam Early Access July 10

Goat of Duty on Steam Early Access July 10

34BigThings and Raiser Games are bleating happy to announce that the frenetic multiplayer FPS Goat of Duty will be released on Steam Early Access on July 10. In this fast-paced, intense and crazy first-goat shooter, you become the most fearsome creature of the universe: a goat armed to the horns with all kinds of weapons. Goat of Duty is a fresh twist in the FPS genre, with a compelling mix of action, carnage, and humor.

This Early Access version of the game will include 4 game modes: Free for All, Gun Deathmatch and Herd Wars (Team Deathmatch), plus the exclusive game mode Fus Ro Arena, where players compete armed only with their horns and the Fus Ro Bleat gun. You will be able to play these modes in 6 different maps, with 7 weapons and more than 25 different goatstumes (skins) that you can unlock as you level up in the game.

For more information, be sure to join a thriving community of more that 23,000 goats in Discord.

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