Goat’s Tale 2 is now out

Goat’s Tale 2 is now out

Indie developer Fox Sox has announced that the sequel to their platforming game, Goat’s Tale, is now out. Featuring a larger world and new mechanics, players will still have to reach the top level, encountering a variety of quirky characters, treasure, and hidden pickups along the way. Additionally, the game has upped its predecessor by featuring a full multiplayer mode, allowing players to share the experience with their friends.

Some of the mechanics added include elevators, grabbable ledges, and special areas without gravity. By combining all of these, players will be able to clear stages in spectacular fashion while enjoying a more streamlined and polished experience than that of the original game.

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Goat’s Tale 2 is now out, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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