God Eater 3 new details leaked

God Eater 3 new details leaked

Who else is here anxiously awaiting the new God Eater title? We certainly are, and with today’s post we will bring you various character details about the new Aragami. Found in the Ashlands, our new hero is named Havakiri, she has the beauty of a female and the mechanical legs from the Terminator. With a new character comes a new God Arc and this time it is one with many choices.

  • Heavy Moon: a moon shaped weapon that can be turned into an axe for massive armor penetration
  • Short blade: fast and versatile.
  • Long Blade: attack and dodge in a nutshell
  • Buster Blade: enormous power awakens in you
  • Boost Hammer: specialized in closed combat and utilizes stamina for boosting
  • Charge Spear: superior mobility and uses same principle as the Boost Hammer. Ideal for hit-and-runs
  • Variant Scythe: has three different attack ranges
  • Assault Gun: the thing goes skraaaaah
  • Snipe Gun: sniper rifle for long range engagement
  • Shotgun: never leave home without your trusty 12 gauge
  • Ray Gun: reminiscence from the Blast Gun to deal damage over every range

God Eater 3 will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC, release date to be announced.

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