God of Word – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Typing
Developer: Mega Dwarf Inc.
Publisher: Mega Dwarf Inc.
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

God of Word – Review

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Some of you might have heard of ‘Typing of the Dead’, which was a spinoff game for the House of the Dead series. Instead of shooting the undead who were trying to eat your brains, you had to type specific words that appeared on screen in order to slay them. The concept was original and loved, but for some reason many companies didn’t see this as an attractive idea for a game and never acted upon this. God of Word seems to be a new contender for originality in a typing game, and while this game was released without all that much buzz, we were quite stoked to show our vocabulary skills at the base of Mount Olympus itself.

God of Word


God of Word is more about the power of suggestion, rather than an elaborate plot. You, a seemingly normal messenger/warrior, are wading through the many pages of the Greek mythology, allowing you to come face to face with well-known monsters and legendary beasts. It’s up to you to reach Mount Olympus, all while battling everyone who tries to stop you. At least , that’s what we concluded after our sessions of God of Word. You’ll have pretty much nothing when it comes to story content, but you’ll recognize many creatures, some scenes from stories and so on. Simply put, it’s all about the atmosphere.


Even though God of Word uses flash-like graphics, the game looks like an old Greek/Roman mural, that has come to life. This makes the game feel rather authentic and like a proper mythological tale in which you play as the intellectual lead. The bland coloring sets the proper  tone for the many battles to come, or other obstacles to overcome. Simplistic as these visuals may sometimes look, they are actually properly crafted and more complicated to create than one might suspect.

God of Word 1

The overview of your letters, in levels where you are treated to jumbled letters, is clear and makes sure you can focus most on your objective. During levels where you have to type in words according to how they appear on the screen the HUD is removed, allowing you to enjoy the entire picture, rather than a slim banner where your character storms at his opponent(s).


Even though the soundtrack does have a rather ‘adventurous’ air to it, the music remains subtle, allowing you to properly focus on the ‘puzzles’ at hand. While the music could have moved a bit more to the foreground with a tad more variation, it does properly set the mood for the theme the developers were going for. Simple sound effects accompany the soundtrack, and yet again, it’s more than sufficient for this type of game.

God of Word 2


God of Word is an ‘action’ game that revolves around typing. Come up with words with a limited pallet of letters, type projected words within a specific timeframe or play hangman-like games in order to beat legendary monsters, warriors, free hostages or even uncover a hefty amount of treasures. The overall concept of this game is simple, yet you’ll notice it’s hard to master. Luckily this title has sufficient difficult options, allowing even non-native English speakers to come up with enough words in order to progress. If you’re not sure of your capabilities or understanding of the English language, you can drop down the difficulty to the rehearsal setting, giving you heaps of time to come up with words, or type them properly. This is a great way to learn more words, because we reckon you’ll try many different combinations to see if some actually are existing words (we certainly did).

Of course, the game offers more than just the typing aspect, as you’ll also get to level up your character, be it with passive abilities that allow you to dish out more damage, have more time before your foe reaches you, earn more gold and so on. Other than that, you’ll also be able to buy some equipment and consumables, but fully equipping your warrior proves to be rather expensive, which might have to do with your difficulty settings, or the fact that if you’re not a fully grown linguist some of the chests for gold might be hard to open up.

God of Word 3

Surprisingly this game has loads of content, that will keep you occupied for hours to come. While some may find that many levels are nearly identical to one another, the typing practice and visible progress in your skills and vocabulary make the journey all that more fun. It’s the boss battles and the special encounters that truly stand out, and are worth plowing through the standard levels for. If you’re tired of the normal levels, you can dive into the endless modes, or duke it out online. Sadly, during our attempts of trying out the latter, we never found a match that was willing to play.


God of Word is a very interesting and entertaining game to develop your typing skills and vocabulary. Even though the developers could have brushed up a bit in the story department, the game itself proved to be appealing, fun to play and thanks to the different difficulty settings, rather forgiving to those who are still learning the language or aren’t the fastest typists (just yet).

God of Word 4

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God of Word - Review, 7.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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