Gods and gaming

Gods and gaming

The depiction of religious icons and deities has also become a slightly debatable topic, as in our real-world religion does tend to strike fear in the hearts of many. Nonetheless, there are still many games that thrive of the usage of gods, be it old ones or new ones, simply for the underlying story, but also as actual characters for their respective games.

SMITE is probably one of the most known games at the moment that has a repertoire of gods at their disposal, who duke it out in a battle of life and ‘death’ if there is such a thing for these omnipotent beings. The interesting part is that SMITE tends to use gods from loads of different religions, mostly those who part of ancient history, and then throw them all together to create an ingenious MOBA game.

God of War

Of course, there have been many other franchises that try to profit from the gods or even titans. For example, God of War is probably one of Sony’s most known exclusives, where you fight as the rather gritty Kratos, in order to bring down the gods. Other similar games like Dante’s Inferno strike a bit closer to Christianity, where Dante delves deeper and deeper into the circles of hell to eventually come face to face with Lucifer himself, all to save his beloved who perished when he was out fighting in the crusades.

Even with games like Darksiders have their own interpretation of gods we know, or more abstract ways of showing godly beings could be found in The Last Guardian or the slightly older Shadow of the Colossus. Those sentiments aside, we notice that the influence of gods even expands itself into mobile games or even games where you could place a (lucky) bet or two. Casino titles are no stranger to spice up there games in such a manner, and truth be told, we’re living in an age where online gambling and gaming could easily be combined into something rather amusing, if dealt with responsibly.

If you’re into games that revolve around gods or other mythical beings, there’s more than enough for you to find the proper title that suits your fancy. Even casual gamers will be able to enjoy a lot of the above, and perhaps even try to take a leap of faith and try something outside of their comfort zone. If you’re looking to buy some old or new games, you can always check out sites such as Retrogameland, a specialized gaming shop that ships worldwide.

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