Godstrike out for Nintendo Switch and PC!


If you thought that Space Invaders was easy, then line up for a challenge because this game is definitely a challenging one. Publisher Freedom Games and developer OverPowered Team are happy to announce their newly released boss rush bullet-hell shooter game GODSTRIKE.

Dancing around an onslaught of bullets is the least of your worries, as shooting god-like Heralds and moving at the same time is the name of the game.

Overcome Talaal’s trials in the Campaign Mode, where new skill unlocks are earned by defeating other Heralds. Combine skills and abilities to create surprising synergies that turn Yissia into a whirling force of destruction. Fire off True Shot, a curving homing attack with the bullet-clearing Astral Shield to strike foes without consequence. Experiment with the Herald’s myriad abilities to defeat Talaal’s wicked siblings. Make every second of each battle count — because in Godstrike, time functions as Yissia’s health bar and currency.

Key Features:

  • Master Heraldic powers in Arcade Mode where every ability is already unlocked.
  • Challenge Mode attempt to overcome the ultimate ordeal with randomized boss orders and strange new blessings earned from each fight.
  • Daily Challenge Outplay the Godstrike community by taking on runs with wickedly randomized modifiers or broadcast your journey to slay the Heralds on Twitch, with full-featured chat integration that allows viewers to impact the action by voting on status effects and more.
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