Going to SPIEL in Essen? Check out Jumping Turtle Games!

Going to SPIEL in Essen? Check out Jumping Turtle Games!

SPIEL in Essen, Germany, is an event revolving around board games. It’s a trade fair, but it’s also a place for publishers to show what’s new and let eager players participate in demo events. This year, the gaming goodness will take place from the 6th of October up to and including the 9th of October. You can check out the official site here.

One of the participants of SPIEL is Jumping Turtle Games. This publisher is known for games such as the Draghan series. One of the games they will present is the third part of this series, named O Dodo. In this game, players will need luck and wage risk versus reward as they take a new card from the pile to add to one of their nests, collecting as many points as possible. Don’t know when to stop and you are sure to give your competitors an advantage. One of the cool things about O Dodo is that you can also play it by yourself like a campaign.

Another game is called S.Y.N.C. Discovery, created on Ukrainian grounds. Unfortunately published with bad timing just before the war, the game is being revived in English to showcase it to a broader market. S.Y.N.C. Discovery is a cooperative party game where all the players will need to pick the same card at the end of the round. You can influence which card this should be with a secret voting system as well as by using other cards that might point the other players in the right direction.

Last but not least, avid followers of Jumping Turtle Games will possibly expect news about The Warp, but that game is still in the last stage of production. During the Saturday and Sunday of SPIEL there will be demonstrations by author Thomas Snauwaert though, so that might be fun before the actual release takes place!

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