Golden Dogs #4 VIER – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Crime
Written by: Stephen Desberg
Illustrations: Griffo
Coloring: Roberto Burgazzoli, Bautista
Publisher: Le Lombard

Golden Dogs #4 VIER – Comic Book Review

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It’s odd that human beings do not like to be robbed, yet we often sympathize with master thieves in movies, books or games, because they often steal for the right reasons, or are simply extremely charming. This theme often provides great material, albeit sometimes quite tacky due to the over usage of the topic. Nonetheless, this brings us to the conclusion of the Golden Dogs comic book series, which sadly only lasted for four albums. Don’t worry about getting your wallet nicked as the Golden Dogs have their eyes on a much bigger prize.


Orwood, Fanny, Lario and Lucrece are being chased by judge Aaron, who is trying to prove that he is able to keep the city under his control. The very strict judge has received word that the posse of four is aiming for the London Tower, where the crown jewels are stored. Of course the judge takes advantage of the situation to post guards all over the place but fairly hidden so the thieving gang would not notice a thing. That being said, it seems things will not go according to the judge’s plan.

It seems Orwood anticipated Aaron’s move and actually planned to do another heist. He tells the other Golden Dogs that they are aiming for the British Museum which is filled with treasures, making every member filthy rich for the rest of their lives. With certain tactics used, which we will not spoil, it shows that Orwood truly is a mastermind, when it comes to thieving. Nonetheless, it seems he was not after an actual ‘treasure’ himself.

Whilst the issue starts off with the last heist of the band of thieves, it actually revolves around their lives after gaining the riches they always desired. Some might expect a joyous tale, but in reality it is a very grim one. Apparently the band served as a great way of keeping all of the members happy, because on their own they do not handle all of life’s matters that well.


Stephen Desberg opted for a sad ending to his saga of master thieves. He does a great job in revealing the darkest sides of all of his characters and the choices they make after gaining wealth. Some might not like this unhappy ending after the chain of victories the Golden Dogs have on their portfolio, but in some ways it might just be karma that comes back to bite them in their rear ends.

Even though the illustrations might not always be as detailed as one would desire, Griffo portrays an old British setting quite well. The bland colors add to the overall dirty and gritty atmosphere that surrounded the place and when needed the right amount of detail can be seen.


Unlike the merry band of thieves we’ve come to love in Robin Hood, Golden Dogs #4 VIER brings us the tale of a group that has many personal struggles, especially when having to abandon their partners in crime. The conclusion to the series is not a merry one but a well thought out and well written one.


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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Golden Dogs #4 VIER - Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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