Goodbye Deponia! New screenshots

Goodbye Deponia! New screenshots

For those who fell in love with the first 2 Deponia titles will surely look forward to the 3rd and last part of the trilogy.

Some background information about the game, which was provided by Daedalic:

After two unbelievable adventures Rufus and Goal finally have their ends in hands reach: finding a way to Elysium and to save Deponia from certain destruction.But Rufus seems to have polished his unmatched talent to wreak havoc on everybody and everything. Thus, instead of his big triumph, another heavy setback awaits him. For the first time in his life, he starts doubting himself.But Rufus wouldn’t be Rufus if he’d just give up like that! Still…to clean up this pile of problems he’d need to exist threefold….


Of course we have some screenshots aswell, to satisfy your needs. At least a little bit….



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