Google Yeti- Netflix for Video games?

Google Yeti- Netflix for Video games?

We are sure that if you have got hooked on to Netflix, it’s that one subscription you would never forget. It just costs a few dollars each month and grants you access to all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Some movies come on to Netflix right after the theatres and there are other Netflix Originals that you would find nowhere else. Netflix classics like 13 Reasons Why are popular the world over, and yet while Netflix is all about movies and your favorite TV shows, have you ever wondered what about your favorite games?

If you love the Netflix subscription based model that allows you to play all your favorite movies and TV shows, you are in luck. The world of gaming might see a similar option soon!

What is Google Yeti?

Google Yeti is reportedly said to be a streaming platform where members can play any of the games available on the service based on subscription.  The players don’t have to download or purchase the games. Run on a remote server in some corner of the world, the video game is transmitted onto your device through the internet and you get to play them by an application and hardware built for the purpose.

Even though Sony PS Now can stream to a PC or PS4 while Nvidia GeForce Now can do it to it’s Shield devices or on computers with a Nvidia GPU, after trying to allow Gamers skip the download process altogether and play games on cloud for years, the services are hollow, relying on expensive console and PCs to function.

This will not be coming as a surprise after Nexus Q and Nexus Player came with the ability to play games and optional game pads.

Where will it be available?

Google is rumored to launch Yeti with the Made by Google console.

The inspiration is said to have come form the Android Gaming Platform, the short-lived green Throttle Games. Google purchased the Charles Huang owned company in 2014.

Or it could be a descendant of the Nexus Player, that brought Android TV in set top boxes with game controllers.

You can expect Yeti to be available via an app for android devices, including television brands like Phillips. It may also serve as an alternative to Nvidia’s GeForce, if we can play it through the Nvidia Shield TV Box. Apps for iOS is also a speculation.

Will it burn a hole in my pocket?

There are no information about the payment system yet, but if Google Yeti is the Netflix of video games, it promises a wide array of games for a nominal subscription amount.

For whatever is that amount, we gain unlimited access to playing the games streamed on the platform.

When will Yeti be available?

Google has been working on Yeti for at least a couple of years now. It was scheduled to be launched in 2017 but the date has been pushed back.

Ever since then, the developers are tight lipped on this. We surely cannot wait to see what Yeti has got to offer.

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