Gran Turismo Sport – Review
Follow Genre: Simulation, Racing
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Tested on: PS4

Gran Turismo Sport – Review

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Gran Turismo is a game that made a name for itself in the early days of the first PlayStation. As back in those days the only racing games were pure arcade or a rare simulator. GT proved its worth by having a large car library with backstory and the ability to tune said vehicles. Gran Turismo was more than just a game, it was a unique experience for many to enjoy. In the time between then and now it has been the main competitor of the Forza franchise and with fans having their points on who is the best, this year the series returns with a title that will blow you out of your seat!

Gran Turismo Sport


In most iterations it was critical to first get your drivers license in order to compete in the events. Now this year Polyphony has turned it all around and while you are not mandatory to get a handful of different licenses you can progress through the driving school to unlock more content. While previously getting these licenses was a very cumbersome and time-consuming thing, this time it’s been made easier and more interesting to fully complete the driving school. This is done because the developers have set the focus on the whole online scene and have dulled down the single player experience.

There is enough content to keep you busy and GT never had a real story to begin with, but rather focuses on the backstory of different car manufacturers and events that took place in the world. This does not hinder the gameplay but if you are a person that has no online capabilities the single player might feel a bit short.


If you are into superb details and crystal-clear graphics then you will feel right at home with this title. At first startup, the game will adjust the settings to the capabilities of your system and will select the best option for you. On our system, 2K was the best resolution but GT Sport will support up to 4K and 60 FPS if you own a Pro console and HDR TV. Each track has a wide range of time settings and each one brings a certain emotion with it, nothing beats driving in the majestic outback in the blaring sun or the cold Tokyo streets at night.

Gran TurismoSPORT_1

Each car has been carefully handcrafted with detailed interiors that where even the littlest of text can be read easily while going fast trough on the track. The places you visit have their own unique aura to it and Polyphony has done their best to recreate the individual feeling that those places give you. As it is all so pleasing to the eye and the ability to customize vehicles with many stickers and parts you really notice that this is not a mass production, this is a fine handmade piece of art.


Another thing that Gran Turismo was known for was the use of special created songs by unknown artists, this because it could give the player a more special experience without just putting them in cultures current hit-list. This allows for a calmer feeling while browsing the menus but the races all come with more up-tempo music that will not feel generic or bland after a while. Cars sound unique to their class & specification and when hitting the rev limiter it is a more realistic tone than the irritating noise some other games use. This is a good example because vehicles have this special ‘cut off’ sound when the engine is at its limit and when making this as realistic as possible a true car enthusiast will notice and greatly appreciate this. Other little aspects like the turbo spooling and the blow off valve releasing excess pressure is done like the real-life counterpart and gives a certain pleasure when hearing this.

Gran TurismoSPORT_2


Gran Turismo Sport is a realistic racing game that always focuses on being a simulator. When first introduced to this new title you are welcomed by an advanced main menu screen in which we can make a selection of modes to play. Since GT Sport is mainly focusing on the online gameplay, this means that the single player section has been toned down from the legendary immense career mode to a smaller three-piece section. First the driving school makes a return for you to learn the special driving techniques and when compared to its predecessors this one is much easier. After you have aced the driving school you can use your newfound skills to complete a bunch of missions or get the best results in the circuit challenge. Next to the Career mode there is an extensive Arcade mode where you can go head-to-head with AI in special races, duels or take on the clock in time trail, turn up the Eurobeat for some drifting or eat some dust in the rally cross section. When completing events you will gain experience and miles, the last you can use to unlock more aesthetics for your character and vehicles, from stickers to new outfits and rims or even special cars, so there are a few ways to increase your collection.

With a focus on the multiplayer this means that the most time will be spent racing other players from all over the globe. This is done in two ways, one is the classic lobby to pick a race, set the rules and have fun and the second way is one of more intense matchmaking. In the Sport section you will be able to participate in official created races made by a special team in order to increase your classification. With this you may enter more advanced and intense events but your sportsmanship is also very important to weed out the rotten apples. This is all available to you after you have completed the mandatory race-etiquette in which they show you how to behave online.

Gran TurismoSPORT_4

Now you cannot be a good race driver if you only have your mother’s old Honda, this is where Brand Central comes in for each car enthusiast to pick up their favorite rides. Through your career as a driver you will get many vehicles gifted to you when completing events or with certain levels or challenges. When you need something else and cannot wait for a hand-out you may purchase cars with your hard-earned cash from manufacturers from all over the world. Previous games were known for their immense car libraries but since Polyphony has opted for quality and not quantity only around 168 vehicles are included.

The game’s engine is one to really enjoy, the car handles uniquely to their setup and the controls are super responsive to input. Next to all this goodness you are also able to make many adjustments to the assists such as traction control and brake assist, and you may finetune them on the fly while racing as well by the push of a button.


2017 has been a great year for race game fans with a boatload of great titles coming out time after time. With powerhouses like Forza 7 and Project Cars 2, Grand Turismo is the worthy combatant for the race game of the year by supporting the side of the PlayStation 4. The amazing graphics and crisp gameplay make this a title you will enjoy time after time, and the large background of world events and car manufacturers provides fun facts that you might have never known. Where the previous games talked much about solely the vehicles, you now have more info about the brands and locations where you race.

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Gran Turismo Sport – Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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