Green Hell gets a storage and transportation update

Green Hell gets a storage and transportation update

Great news from our Polish friends over at Creepy Jar as they announced an upcoming update for Green Hell. A more and more players find themselves in the forest fighting for survival they find that setting upt their tent on the ground simply isn’t cutting it anymore.Players will have started looking at building on water, in trees and even to create three-story homes. But as these projects get bigger they also need more resources. That’s why this free new update will be a warm welcome to all of those who want to build their dream shack but don’t want to spend hours on moving all the resources.

Thanks to the new storage and transportation update that is coming on August 28th, players will finally be able to easily transport their goods through the forest and up high trees. Not only will transportation be made easier but also storing them gets a quality of life boost with various shelves, baskets and increased capacity for stands.

Key elements of this update include:

  • Sled –A new addition for transporting heavy objects that won’t fit in your Backpack! Players can put two different types of Heavy Objects into one Sled for transport.
  • Elevator –A new, much easier way of transporting heavy resources to both your base’s upper floors and Tree Houses.
  • Shelf –Introducing a new universal storage option where you can store and display most of the items from your Backpack excluding weapons and sticks.
  • Hanging Shelf – Now you can add more storage space with the first wall add-ons. Adding shelving onto walls will free up space for players elsewhere in their houses.
  • Small Storage Basket –An improved version of the Small Stone Stand, the Small Storage Basket can hold various types of objects: Stone, Obsidian Stone, Charcoal, Bone, Plank, etc.
  • Large Storage Basket –Similar to above, an improved version of the Big Stone Stand that can hold various types of heavy objects such as Big Stone, Green Coconut, Mud Brick, etc.
  • Significant changes in storage:
  • More universal Stands and Storage –One universal Leaf Stand can store both Banana and Palm Leaves. This also applies to the Log Stand, the Stick Stand, and the Long Stick Stand.
  • New Bamboo versions of Stands –Every storage construction now has a bamboo version.
  • Increased capacity of Stands –Some older Stands, such as the Rope Stand, now have extended capacity.
  • Improved item storing & removing mechanic –Players can now place an item in storage with a single button push and take it out with another.
  • Removed animation delay for picking up items: Players no longer have to wait for an animation to complete to pick up another item. The faster one clicks, the faster one picks!
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