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A brazilian game developing team, Cyberrhino Studios, has launched a kickstarter project by the name of Gryphon Knight Epic, a shoot’em-up game in which you control a knight that jumps right back into adventure. So hop on your gryphon and start shooting obstacles that fly your way!


Gryphon Knight Epic tells the tale about sir Oliver who has accomplished many feats in his life as a knight and his loyal Gryphon Aquila. After a long time of peace after defeating the dragon that kidnapped the princess from the castle, the knight was send away from the castle to do some shopping. But when returning to the castle, he notices a dark presence and energy coming from the castle, and he hops right back into action and is on his way to see what is occurring.

Typical to the shoot’em up genre, you control sir Oliver who is riding on his gryphon in a side scrolling environment where you basically move around the screen and shoot everthing that is flying your way. In the current stage of the game, you’ll only have 2 types of attacks that you can do which are your regular shooting that can be done rapidly or you can charge up your attack to fire a big blast of energy that goes through multiple enemies. While flying, you’ll often meet tons of enemies on the screen that try to kill you as you go along. This becomes very difficult as there are a lot of enemies on the screen, often filling it up and giving you a hard time. There are no upgrades available in the current state of the game, nor are you able to fill up your health or total lives (these will be available eventually). After 5 deaths, you’ll have to start the whole stage from the beginning, making losing pretty annoying and promotes you to do your best. At the end of each stage, there will be a boss that you’ll need to defeat before you can move to the following stage. These bosses are really tough, and they require you to use everything that you learned.


The most unique aspect in this particular shoot’em-up game is that you are able to change your direction. In other games of the same genre, you’re usually only able to scroll from left to right and not being able to backtrack. However, in Gryphon Knight Epic you are able to turn your direction and backtrack. This doesn’t really have a benefit at the moment, but possibly it will allow the player to go back to possible secrets in the future. This aspect is also used in boss fights. Bosses are able to move to both the ends of the screen, forcing you to adapt and turn around.

Something also notably are the graphics and the sound. Both really capture the feel of the theme and are really pleasant to see or listen to. The music is really catchy, and the graphics are done in traditional retro style. You’ll also find some small similarities to older games like Ghosts and Ghouls.



As this game is still in the early development stages, Gryphon Knight Epic is certainly a game that is worth to kickstart. The game does everything right, whether it is the gameplay that is challenging and fun enough to enjoy a lot, or the sound and graphics. It doesn’t matter whether you like the shoot’em up genre or not, the game certainly has potential and should not be overlooked.

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Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Gryphon Knight Epic - Preview, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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