Gryphon Knight Epic – Review
Follow Genre: Medieval Shoot'em up
Developer: Cyber Rhino Studios
Publisher: Cyber Rhino Studios
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Tested on: PC

Gryphon Knight Epic – Review

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Knights and princesses are a commonly used subject in games. The sweet girl gets taken every time and is in need of a savior. Gryphon Knight Epic takes us to the time when the knight in shining armor already freed the princess. Nonetheless, in this peaceful time, it seems that something is amiss and you will need to take up arms once again.



Gryphon Knight Epic takes us on a medieval story and you portray the noble Sir Oliver. This great knight has had a peaceful life with his wonderful wife and son in the kingdom of Valiantskies. He had his share of adventures though, saving his loving spouse for example. This is quite a story, as he needed to venture dangerous caves and even fight a dragon. He didn’t do this on his own though, as several friends where there to help him accomplish the deed, together with Oliver’s trusted Gryphon called Aquila. The dragon didn’t only abduct the princess but was also guarding loads of treasure. Everything was there: gold, jewellery, artefacts and weapons. Your comrades chose to take a weapon, while you were satisfied with the love of your princess and a strange amulet.

Years have passed since that day and everything is at peace, which seem to bore you at a certain point. One day, your wife wants you to go and fetch some supper. Of course you want to please your lovely spouse and take Aquila to go to the store. On this errand, you meet an odd creature. This specter looks exactly like Oliver and rambles on about dark sides, evil deeds and weapons. What you can deduct from this talk, is that the amulet you’ve been wearing for so long has been protecting you as it kept your heart pure. The specter mentioned weapons, so does this mean that your friends are in danger? This question is more important than getting supper and you’re on your way to check on everyone.

Gryphon Knight Epic

The plot itself isn’t quite thick but it is fun to see how your friends have evolved and though the conversations are a bit predictable at times, the developers tried to implement some funny quotes which can only be praised. The length of the narrative is quite short and it would have been better if there were more levels to explore.


Gryphon Knight Epic will take you back to the more retro/pixelated style, but with loads of colours and diversity. Every area you’ll transverse is hand-drawn and has its own theme with adjusted enemies. For example, the forest will have lovely mosquito’s and sticky frogs.. with three eyes. As you might have thought, you can expect everything in this game, which makes it so much fun to explore new stages and discovering different environments and enemies.

The surroundings are drawn in 2D but due to some fun touches, it feels like there is some depth. In the Viking level you will see hordes of soldiers in the distance progressing the battlefield, which will create this illusion. In this colourful environment, Oliver really stand out and although he isn’t that bright and happy, it suites the situation he is in as the doubt about the weaponry, the purity of his heart and the forgotten supper take their toll on the poor knight.

Gryphon Knight Epic


Sound wise, Cyber Rhino Studios did a great job to provide a diverse soundtrack with that extra medieval feeling. They really fit the retro/pixelated style and are the icing on the cake. Each area has it specific tune and though some of the tracks are being repeated, it doesn’t really seem to bother at all.

The sound effects are just perfect as well. There are loads and loads of effects, both at the menu and during the stages. When you explore a level for the first time, it is always a pleasure to hear the sound enemies make. Be ready to hear lots of squishing for example, when you’re hunting flying eyes.


Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval shoot’em up but with a twist. The game mixes elements from classical shooters but has a lot of exploration options too. You will be taken on a quest to search a variety of areas in Valiantskies. This means that you will need to vanquish several enemies per stage before you can actually get to your friend and advance in the game. To help you on this quest, you have your trusty friend Aquila with you which gives you the opportunity to roam the skies and kill flying opponents.

Each level will have other bad guys and they (mostly) have different attacks, although the main pattern is most of the times similar. There are some flying enemies that will fly over your screen and they die pretty fast, while the more sturdy aerial opponents will join the party making it a fun shoot fest. In the meanwhile, there are stationed foes and infantry that will try to sneak their way in and kill you with their ranged assaults. As you might have noticed, there is a lot you need to watch out for. Luckily, you got your trusted crossbow and some extra weaponry you can count on. The crossbow is Oliver’s main attack, while you can equip other weapons to do some big damage. Using this arsenal depletes your energy meter, although this regenerates over time.

Gryphon Knight Epic

Next to the weapons, you can also equip a Squire and you have one slot for an item. These magical helpers will be there when you need them. For example, you can buy a small knight that summons a shield or you can get a fairy to revive you. Before they actually help you, you will need to gather orange gems to fill a meter and this can be stacked twice. Items can be bought at the market as well and are a real lifesaver. You can switch between several potions during a level and it will be necessary as you will get into a diversity of situations which might need a different approach. There are special gems that simulate the effect of an item, but these are rarely seen during a stage.

Choosing a stage is quite easy to do, as you can select one and start the fun. Before you jump into action, you need to pick a difficulty level. You can be a Squire (easy), Knight (mediocre) and Epic (hard). Each option has its own settings as the Squire, for example, will drop more health and special gems, and you have more health. Enemies will be significantly harder when you pick a higher difficulty level and they will drop more money but less gems. It has to be said though, the Knight difficulty is already quite hard so it might be a good idea to start with Squire levels at the beginning. You can always redo a stage and pick another difficulty setting, so you don’t need to worry.

A game wouldn’t be a game if there weren’t any mini bosses. During your venture into the land of your friends, you will encounter several small bosses that will try to stop you. As you can imagine, these enemies are a lot harder than the average opponent and you will need to figure out the necessary tactic before tackling the problem. The difficulty levels are important here as well, as the boss you are facing will do more damage and have more attacks on its sleeve than in the easy mode.

Gryphon Knight Epic

The movements during a stage are a bit different than what we are used to. For example, you can turn around and attack enemies behind you, or you can even go back to the start if you want. At certain points in the game, you can choose which path to take. This means you have actual control about your route and it is possible to farm stones and money from respawned enemies. Having this ability is needed to find special runes as well. Every level has one well hidden in a nook somewhere. It is a good idea to search for these stones, as it will grand you permanent upgrades.

Fighting enemies means that you will gain money which you can spend in the Market and the Wizard’s Shop. The first-mentioned has potions and Squires, while the latter has upgrades for your weaponry and the runes you’ve found. You can carry a max of 5 potions and only one Squire at a time while upgrading your weapons and runes can be done three times in total, giving you lots of possibilities.

If you want to learn more about your enemies, see some of the witnessed cutscenes or take a look at the different characters then the Compendium is your friend. This book holds all the information you need. The developers did a great job to provide a tutorial stage as well, which can be accessed at all times, and an overview with the explanation of all the buttons and actions. This means that, if you don’t play for a while, it is possible to get back on track with these assets.

Gryphon Knight Epic

Gameplay wise, there is a lot to explore but the overall length of the game and the levels are a bit short. There is a big replayability, as you can tackle each stage over and over again and try to beat your own difficulty setting and there are loads of fun elements that will keep you coming back for more.


Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval shooter that will take you on an adventure with Sir Oliver. Together, you will transverse a variety of levels in a retro pixelated style, guided by some great tunes and fun sound effects that will put a smile on your face. The gameplay has some great elements and the overall assets really fit together. It would have been better if the game had a bit more story although you can tackle each stage again. If you like shoot’em ups with a twist, knights and princesses and long lost friends, it is a great idea to take a look at this game.

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Gryphon Knight Epic - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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