Guacamelee 2 announcement

Guacamelee 2 announcement

Come one come all! Luchadores, brawlers and fighters! Coming soon is the fight of your life, jumping into the ring is… Guacamelee 2!!! Expanding on the original game by adding more levels, enemies, bosses and mechanics, Guacamelee 2 starts 7 years after the original, where Juan Aguacate is living a happy life with the wife and kids. but an evil threat looms, as from the dark corner of the opposite side of the ring enters: A new evil menace that threatens to destroy not only Mexico, but time and space itself!

Guacamelee! 2 will include a bevy of new features, including:

  • New Player Mechanics – Experience all new mechanics like Eagle Boost, a hooking mechanic that allows Juan to attach and fly through “boost points” in the environment
  • Super Chicken! – A unique set of new abilities and moves for the chicken form, giving the player more varied and interesting chicken gameplay
  • New Enemies and Environments – Guacamelee 2 takes place in a whole new part of Mexico, with completely new areas, enemies, and bosses
  • 4-Player Local Co-op – Take on enemies as a solo luchador, or with a group of friends!
  • Visual Enhancements – Redesigned lighting system for both characters and environments to take advantage of advanced hardware rendering features

With the announcement for Guacamelee 2 coming SOON(tm) and Drinkbox Studios being 10 years old, we’re also getting up to 90% off of the whole steam catalog, so now is your chance to pick up Guacamelee 1 to get up to date!

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