Guardians of the Galaxy #006 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Action
Written by: Skottie Young
Illustrations: Skottie Young, Jake Parker
Coloring: Jean-François Beaulieu
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Guardians of the Galaxy #006 – Comic Book Review

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Last time Rocket finally tracked down the second walking, talking raccoon who wanted to frame him for murder. While he went along with the ploy of having Rocket incarcerated, as Rocket already had a few tricks up his sleeve to track down the miscreant this way, he could have never suspected the events to come. This time we dive in the Rocket story arc again, which is lighter than the previous story portions of the series, but also tends to hit a sensitive note.

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Rocket was about to have a standoff with the other Raccoon, who would rather see him wanted and a fugitive. Asking many questions, Rocket never truly gets the answer he desires, as his new foe, and next of kin, isn’t truly what he imagined him to be. Meanwhile, while this issue is one certainly waiting to be resolved, all of the women Rocket has stolen from in the past, are also slowly gaining up to his location to exact their revenge. All things combined, it seems it will be a bad day for our furry badmouthed friend.

Other than the storyline revolving around Rocket’s family, you’ll also be treated to a story told by Groot, which doesn’t really have more dialogue than the phrase ‘I am Groot’, being repeated over and over again, but the pictures will tell you enough to know where it is headed. From here on out, it’s about Rocket completing odd jobs, to pay off his debts.

The flow in this bundle is rather fast, as the conclusion to the story arc involving a second raccoon is pressed forward hastily. Nonetheless, the rest of this omnibus builds further on said storyline, in which Rocket has to do many painstakingly annoying jobs in order to pay off the debts of his past transgressions. Skotty Young still commandeers this story portion of the Guardians of the Galaxy series and does so in a witty and appealing sense. If you are sometimes weary of the heaviness many of the Marvel series bring to the table, this current Guardians of the Galaxy arc will certainly calm your nerves.

Just like the previous release from the Standaard Uitgeverij, this sixth omnibus follows the same comical appearance, which adds to the otherwise lighter mood of the stories portrayed inside. Everything is illustrated in a sense that might be reminiscent of a (well animated) Nickelodeon series, with very vibrant colors. The bright colors also make the story feel a bit more lighthearted, while some of the events hit you even harder, as the style used doesn’t really prepare you for certain mishaps or emotions. That being said, Groot’s storytelling brought a fun sense of ‘dialogue’ to the middle issue of this collection.


Guardians of the Galaxy #006 is a fun continuation of Rocket’s solo adventures after pursuing a second of his kind. While it became clear that not everything is, or was, as it seems, this omnibus will prove to be an entertaining intermezzo from the seriousness that Marvel usually has to offer. We are looking forward to see more solo adventures such as this.

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Guardians of the Galaxy #006 – Comic Book Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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