Guild 02 Collection

Guild 02 Collection

The Guild 02 collection has been announced and this time Level-5 is partnering with Keiji Inafune, Kazuya Asano, Takemaru Abiko, and Kaz Ayabe. The Guild collection is a compilation of small games that have been designed by well known game designers, which are then developed by Level-5 and released on the 3DS eShop first as a bundle and then become available individually.

Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

Designed by Kaz Ayabe the game centers around a young boy named Sohta in a small town, and as you guessed it on every Friday monsters and superheroes who battle them appear. As Sohta you experience the strange life of the young boy in a simulation game.

Bugs vs. Tanks

Designed by Keiji Inafune you control a battalion of tanks that have somehow been shrunk down into a distressingly small size during World War II and you must battle your way through a horde of angry insects bent on your destruction.

Starship Damrey

Designed by Kazuya Asano and Takemaru Abiko you find yourself aboard the Damrey as you make your way through the ship in a Survival Horror game that doesn’t hold your hand. Instead you must navigate your way safely with no tutorials or hints to help you on your journey.


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