Guilty Gear -Strive- Open Beta Test 2 announced

Guilty Gear -Strive- Open Beta Test 2 announced

Today, Bandai Namco entertainment announced the second Open Beta Test for Guilty Gear -Strive-. This test will take place from the 14th of May until the 16th and will be available to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. During the test, players can use the full roster of the game, with the addition of Anji Mito and I-No.

In the beta, you’ll be able to play three offline modes: VS COM / VS 2P, Tutorial Mode and Training Mode and Online Match lets you fight against other players online, but player matches won’t be available in this beta test.

You can pre-download the test version of the game starting May 7. Players who participated in the previous test and left it on their consoles will get an update, meaning they don’t have to download the whole game again.

Players who pre-order a version of the game that includes Early Access will be able to play as all the characters and will be able to play both online against other players and play the story mode of the game.

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