GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360 – Accessory Review
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GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360 – Accessory Review

Good: Overall design, Features, Prescription option available
Bad: Plastic-y, Not cheap when tailored to your needs
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We have passed the point of being a site that revolves solely around the games you download on your PC or insert in your favorite game console(s). Over the years we have discussed many great titles, but also extremely shitty ones, but we also had the chance to review hardware components, peripherals, board games, movies, series and certain accessories. This time we were lucky enough to be approached by GUNNAR to try out their latest Lightning Bolt 360 glasses. These glasses can be bought in their standard shape and size, but can also be customized to actual prescription glasses.

On the spot, we were greeted by a fairly simple looking and thin cardboard box, which gave us somewhat of the wrong impression. When opening the actual package, we noticed that the inside case, that you can take anywhere, was a lot more impressive. You’ll be treated to a case that allows you to store your glasses, the extra lenses, the temples (arms) and the nose bridges. Other than that, there are some wiping cloths, etc to be found inside the case.

You’ll notice that the glasses themselves are made from solid plastic. The lenses themselves are not glass like other glasses either, which makes this pair of glasses very light, which certainly helps for gamers who don’t wear glasses outside of their gaming sessions. The thick solid plastic frame still looks decent. You don’t really have any customization options when purchasing this item, but the different temples make it look a bit different, as well as when switching to the outside lenses with the built-in UV filter. Overall the design reminds us of the fashion of the thicker frames that were very popular a few years back, even for normal glasses and not shades. The somewhat bulkier and larger frame also allows for bigger lenses, making it so that your complete peripheral view is basically covered.

The lenses are interchangeable, which means you’ll get indoor lenses, as well as outdoor ones. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is sadly no in-between that is interesting for both inside and outside use. The normal indoor lenses block blue light and make it so that your eyes do not get stressed and exhausted that easily. While you probably won’t actively notice this if it’s not really an issue for you, it does feel very comfortable gaming using these glasses. You can also have them tailored the same way as your prescription glasses. The same can be done for the darker outside lenses (or indoor lenses with a lot of sunlight), which serve as a very impressive pair of shades when you have these lenses inserted. We have to mention that the standard lenses, both indoors and outdoors, are quite thin and fit in the frame perfectly. The prescription lenses vary in thickness, depending on your eyesight. This makes it seem like they don’t click in the frame properly, or that they actually stick out a bit. This is actually normal, as you just have to make sure that the outer ridge is properly in the frame, as shapes and thicknesses may vary when having them custom made for your needs.

The glasses also come with interchangeable nose bridges. This is basically the little piece that rests on your nose, and GUNNAR provides three different shapes and sizes. While the overall width remains the same, it does have bigger support pieces, which cover a bigger portion of your nose. This is somewhat personal preference as glasses just take time to get used to. Of course, it’s quite nice when you have a piece that immediately feels comfortable, rather than having to get used to it. The process of swapping nose bridges is quite easy. We have to mention that the Medium nose bridge in our package immediately showed a gap between the nose bridge and the actual frame of the glasses, not properly clicking into place. The company stated that if issues like this occur that they will immediately make sure your broken parts are replaced.

Outside of the nose bridges and the lenses, there are also the temples. These consist of standard one, in solid plastic. These are the most tangible and give you the impression you’re wearing something fairly sturdy, even if the complete package feels a bit plastic-y. Nonetheless, these are the standard ones that will basically suit everyone. Nonetheless, GUNNAR included lightweight aluminum temples, which reduce the weight from the already light pair of glasses. Lastly, there is the strap, which is used in combination with a headset. This reduces the pressing of the headset on the normal temples, which eventually starts hurting your ears.

The Lightning Bolt 360 should also help against dry eyes, and we requested more information on the matter as to how. Apparently, it’s because of the shape of the lenses, making it so your eyes don’t dry out as quickly as normal. While we have to be honest, that we didn’t notice that much of a difference, we were very comfortable for longer gaming sessions, and thanks to the overall big frame, not much dry air can reach your eyes.


GUNNAR’s Lightning Bolt 360 is a great gaming accessory for professional gamers, as well as those who are looking for a great solution for daily use, while also having occasional gaming sessions. The glasses can be tailored to your personal needs, and while the frame may be a fairly big piece of plastic, the glasses themselves feel quite sturdy. While not fitting in everyone’s budget, this accessory might just be worth looking into, especially if you’re already wearing glasses. The overall comfort factor is quite amazing, and headset users will find extra comfort with the strap temples, alleviating pain on their ears by having them squashed on normal temples. We can advise this product.

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GUNNAR Lightning Bolt 360 - Accessory Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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